Mamma Bear

Despite your massive fangs and claws (or maybe because of them) you are a gentle nurturing mother who loves her children for who they are. You encourage their self-reliance and lead by example in order to teach them how to navigate their environment successfully. As a result, your “cubs” are independent thinkers who closely mimic on your habits… both good and bad. Your kids know when you are playing and when you mean business. Only a fool, however, would mistake all this warm fuzziness for weakness. You are not a mamma anyone would want to tangle with and may God have mercy on whatever stupid S.O.B. messes with your cubs.

E agora, um BOM fim-de-semana para todos!!!

Eu vou tratar do meu ;)


Madame Pirulitos disse…

Um excelente fim... do fim-de-semana!